3 Types Of Content People Love To Share

3 Types of Content That People Love to Share (Backed By Data)

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In this modern era, content marketing has reached to the next level. It has been proved that social sharing has been playing a vital role in achieving higher rankings in search engines.

People always strive to improve their social signals by producing different types of content variations. Here all they want is to make their content viral.

If you are focusing on making your content viral, then it isn’t that easy it requires a quality amount of time in creating the article and even more amount of time in promoting the article.

But, before doing these you should opt for a topic which tends to have lots of potentials to go viral.

Going viral needs a piece of luck, some people don’t just know how their content has become viral.

So, it mostly depends on luck, but it does require some efforts as well, as we analyzed the viral posts and got a content type that tends to work impressively.

If you strive to get lots of social shares, then follow these kinds of articles and give your content capability to go viral.

Here are 3 Types of Content That People Love To Share

Do you want your posts will go viral on social media? here are three posts types those will do wonder for you.

1. How to Posts:

People always want to find something new on search engines.  As a result, people always strive to search on search engines that “how to do something” or “how to do ….” And so on.

Although people might think that’s an old technique, it’s always the best technique to get social shares on your content.

Mostly how to posts adds value to your readers and encourage them to share your post with their colleagues and friends.

Fact: ¾ people who browse on the internet want to learn something because they just wanted to grab an opportunity in this modern world to keep up with trends.

So, if people want to learn something then obviously there is a huge craze for how to’s.

Numbers game: On average how-to posts get more than 5,200 post shares.

Isn’t it a high number of social shares?

It is a significant number, if you still hold your nerve then here are some viral posts which brought a lot of shares.

Over 2 million how-to posts which were created on past year here are most shared how posts numbers.

  • “How to fold a fitted sheet in seconds” – this piece of content has generated 951.4k shares in total.
  • How to make lavender lemonade get rid of headaches and anxiety — this post even met 933.8k social shares in total.

These are a huge number of shares, and that’s the power of How To posts which are having the potential to go viral. Ust these creative title generators if writer’s block stops your generating creative How-to post ideas.

Almost all social media sites have some good amount of shares on how to posts, but overall Facebook has acquired the most shared how to post along with Pinterest and LinkedIn.

2. Quizzes:

Unlike other social media types quizzes plays an exciting role in attracting an audience because quiz is merely a mind game.

People always love to play games and in social media its craze is even more. As per stats, 8/10 most shared article on social media were quizzes.

Most of the favorite blogs and sites make use of these quiz type content to get more engagement on their posts. Simply by producing quizzes on your post you are encouraging your audience to participate in a game.

Numbers game: The average social shares of these type of content is 1900 shares.

Here is an example:

  • Language quiz: Are you on fleek? — This article from New York Times has generated 951.4k shares overall.

The new your times has utilized these quizzes in an excellent way to bring them social shares and above example has been proved that.

Not only in posts these “quizzes” also popular in other online sources.

3. Post with images (picture list):

The human brain can adapt visuals 60,000x faster than the text. As a result, you can know that people are pretty much attracted to see the visuals.

Posts with images tend to get more shares so using images in your post and making your post as a visual feast can get a lot of attention to your posts on social media.

Facts: Facebook posts with images get 2 times more shares as the post without pictures.

Similarly, tweets with images get lots of retweets and favorites instead of normal tweets.

Post which are having multiple curated images have more potential to go viral rather than the standard posts.

Number game: The picture list posts get over 100,000 shares on average.

Photos list works well when you tell a story and produce images with the detail explain the process and compare your post with pictures.

Conclusion:Types Of Content People Love To Share

This is all about the content types that people love most. Mix up your content with how to’s, quizzes and picture list and gain even more potential to go viral. If you have any suggestion or queries, then feel free to comment us.

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Ravi Chahar - November 8, 2016

Hey Nikhil and Adeel,

The picture list would be great. Nowadays, people are using the visual content at a great extent.

There are many blogs which are having the category “how to”. It’s like a smoking signal to solve the solution.

Thanks for sharing with us.

    Adeel Sami - November 12, 2016

    Hello, Ravi!

    Thank you for that!

    Yes, visuals are winning the market now. And it is one creative way to present the content.

    And, how-tos type posts are best covered through visuals either in image or video format. 🙂

    Thanks for your valuable input down here, buddy!

    See ya often!

    ~ Adeel

Aysha Haque - November 10, 2016

Hi Nikhil!

Very informative post! Yes, ‘how to’ type content get a lot of share by readers. Recently, i have implemented this strategy in one of my new blog and getting good results. It is really effective.

Anyway, downloaded the info graphics quickly 😛

Love the post very much!

Keep it up!

    Adeel Sami - November 12, 2016

    Hello, Aysha!

    First off, welcome to my place! 🙂

    The true fact you spoke; visuals are the new content.

    And that how-tos styled posts are too popular and effective in clinching the attention of the reader.

    So, they are truly working best in the market to grab the reader. 🙂

    Thank you for that! And I see you often. 🙂

    ~ Adeel

      Aysha Haque - December 3, 2016

      Hi Adeel bro!

      Thank you 😀

      Yeh, i know it’s your Palace not place 😛

      That’s why, I do work specially on getting the attention of readers by making compelling Headlines, indeed! 😀

Ryan Biddulph - November 13, 2016

Hi Nikhil and Adeel,

Rhyming names 😉 Good tips! How To posts rock it out for me. I want to know How To. Across the board. Which is why I Google stuff. Like figuring How To do anything, online, is about the most popular query. My blog is just a big old library for teaching people How To blog. Just make it easy for folks to see this through your posts.

Thanks Guys!


    Adeel Sami - November 13, 2016

    Hey, Ryan!


    Buddy, you’re best at “How To” and “blog”! 🙂

    Really, it is the grand library to find the books of blogging.

    So, you’re rocking it, buddy!

    Keep rockin’!

    ~ Adeel

Sadhan Pal - November 13, 2016

Hi Nikhil,

Thank you for providing tips to make content catchy. Content is king for a blog. Good quality contents make blog successful. I’ll apply these tips at the time of writing contents. I came to know many things about it from your article than before.

Thank you
Sadhan Pal

Kimsea Sok - November 14, 2016

Hey, bro! I thought I subscribed your blog, but I didn’t receive the notification of this post. However, today I visited Philip’s blog and found your comment so I went through here.

Anyway, how you are doing today? Hope you’re doing great.

This is an awesome post.

You can get more traffic and engage more audiences unless you tweak out what kind of contents your readers love.

Well. I write several “How to” posts on my blog and they give me a pretty nice traffic. However, it’s a little bit hard to rank how-to post.

The image is crucial to attract human attention. The post with images increase reading willingness up to 80%. The post with relevant and unique images get more shares and more conversion than the post without image.

Thanks for sharing, I love this article.

Rakesh - November 14, 2016

I have been doing blogging since 2008, but did lot of mistakes in choosing niche, interesting post. thanks brother

Muhammad Ahmad - November 16, 2016

Hi Adeel,
After a long time, I visited your blog and saw that the design is completely changed 🙂
Wow! Awesome design.
Coming to the post, How-to posts work great for me 🙂
Thanks for sharing!
~ Ahmad
P.S Please do have a look at the latest blog post @ meetAhmad [dot] com, would love to see your views there.


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