2 Tips to Rock Blogging Communities (Plus 14 Extra)

2 Tips to Rock Blogging Communities (plus 14 bonus tips)Blogging communities are often treated as a place to hang your blog link, your blog post and head down in the search of other blogging communities to repeat the same cycle of visiting and leaving links.

As we find out of blogging communities, we save their links on a text file or write them down in our notebooks to save the time in future. Or any other special way you store them. 🙂

Not only this but we always speak of those blogging communities to the people who think we are guru of blogging.

While it was a valid way back in the time (and for many it is the same now, but it shouldn’t be this. Like the same from back in the time.

No matter we meet people virtual world, we have to treat them like meeting with people in the real world.

Why? Because they have heart, mind and emotional taste because they are the real people.
We have to make a relationship with them, meet them here and there virtually, give them our time, our support and do everything legal to get our-self noticed to them.

Okay, but that does not mean we always do this for the people who are successful than us to help us out in the future but to everyone and anyone from the range of getting started to highest place from their industry.

Let’s get started with the core idea of this topic..

Blogging Communities are not for only links.

Actually they are while they are not. It is your mindset how you want to treat such great blogging communities.

How they are?

Because of they are. They are there to help you grow by leaving links to attract readers and fellow bloggers.

Now how they are not?

Because they are not. They are there for you to help you grow. And when it is in focus, you have to give first before asking.

Blogging communities are to help you expand.. your reach.

[Tweet “Give before asking.”]

I suppose you would not want anyone coming over your place just for the sake of leaving links in comment and disappear.

Disappear in the crowd then come back again after a month or two to repeat the same cycle.
While you hate this scenario, why would you do it yourself? Leaving the links on blogging communities and expect the tsunami of traffic will hit your blog and posts.

Yeah, it can happen, I meant you can get traffic up to single or double digits out of those blogging communities but not the tsunami.

To expect and ultimately get the tsunami, you have to work hard and build your place as inspiring and exciting as you can through exceptional content. But that’s not it.

You have to reach, you have to give, you have to invest and you have to support the folks first.

How can blogging communities really help me

Because they are open to actually help you.

Through blogging communities, you find out your niche/industry-related blog posts and of course the folks.

Ways to help through blogging communities:

  1. Contribute to their content with one easy way of commenting. Leave exceptional comments on their updates plus over their blog posts.
  2. Share them.

Ways to help through your own blog:

  1. Write about them.
  2. Feature them.
  3. Interview them.
  4. Link them.
  5. Mention them.
  6. Mention their posts.
  7. Mention how something from them helped you resolving your issues.

Ways to help through social media:

  1. Befriend with them on social media (not instantly but after awhile when you’re comfortable and you sense they are comfortable with you.)
  2. Follow them.
  3. Welcome them.
  4. Don’t push them (asking for this and that. Remember, give before asking.)
  5. Share them.
  6. Keep sharing their updates.
  7. Interact with them as much as possible.

I want to much stress upon one thing which is give before asking. It is literally not giving before asking. It is the idea, a beautiful way to help someone.

Everybody loves loyal readership no matter at what level of success they are with their blogs but everyone loves it.

Being a genuine reader of someone, you owe to help them as well. They are writing for you to help you and in return you have to give them credit how they helped you by going through any and all mentioned ways.

It is called reciprocation. But it is really not meant to give to those who give to you first. And it is not the one-day game.

It is a cycle of repetition.

It is all about reaching to everyone and keep reaching them no matter what you get to be noticed to them instantly or after weeks and months and even years but keep doing it and never push them as well as never fail to not reach them. Sooner or later you will get noticed. I tell you!

Keep doing it! Keep marching with it and you will rock the blogosphere.

Understand the power of blogging communities.


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