1 Way to Totally Reframe Blogging Critics (and Become More Successful)

Earlier today someone lobbed critical comments at me about one of my videos.

This has happened many times before. It will happen ago.

Not just with my videos either. My:

  • blog posts
  • eBooks
  • audio books

Have been criticized too. Because when you become more well known you will face people who don’t agree with your take.

This morning I processed the criticism as I have for quite a while now.

But for years I never would have processed the criticism as I did today. I fought critics. I complained about critics. I even roused the troops to fight or shame critics. Worst of all, I would crawl into a cyber cave after receiving criticism, feeling ashamed, embarrassed or humiliated, going into blogging shell shock for hours, days or weeks at a time.

I finally understood this fact: critics are not pr*cks, but they are in pain.

I used to always refer to blogging critics as trolls. Or jerks. Or nasty, angry people. But I slowly realized that only a fear-filled, pained person would devote time and energy to making fun of someone, or tossing negative criticism their way.

When you see critics as fearful, pained people, you lose the urge to fight them. Because fighting a critic is like kicking a dog when it is down.

Why would I get angry at a person in pain? Why would I want to fight someone who is afraid?

Reframing blogging critics in this manner accelerated my blogging success in some ways:

  1. I saved precious minutes, hours and days of time when I stopped fighting blogging critics
  2. I save *years* of my time when I stopped trying to prove blogging critics wrong
  3. I turned around and used all the time and energy I saved to write guest posts and posts on Blogging From Paradise
  4. I became happier, more peaceful, more loving and had tons more fun with blogging, with these energies being reflected through my videos, my blog, and my podcasts

What If the Blogging Critics Appear to Be Successful?

Sometimes blogging critics try to fool you. A critic may appear to be successful, having developed their skills and network enough to gain some clout online or offline.

Make no mistake about it though; if someone takes the time and energy to send a nasty or sarcastic or biting barb your way, understand that these are paining, fear-filled people, whose worldly success does not change the fact that they are unhappy, afraid and in severe pain.

If they were happy, fun-loving people they would lift you up versus trying to tear you down.

A Quick Test

I think of myself, and other established, pro bloggers and try to envision myself and these other pros offering harsh, sarcastic criticism to anybody online. Seems ludicrous, right?

If you are a pretty cheery person can you even imagine yourself watching a video on YouTube and commenting, “You should shut up loser? Nobody is watching anyway.”?

It seems insane, right? Funny even.

The critic this morning said something similar to me. He mentioned how only a few folks were watching at the time. And how I should shut up.

I instantly felt compassion for the guy because I realized that to criticize someone like this in public, making a mindful decision to publish those words in a comment, he must be in pain, and afraid. Because folks who are not predominantly in pain or not predominantly living in fear – like me 😉 – would not criticize anyone in this fashion, ever. We’re too busy building up folks and spreading love to even think about trying to pull someone down.

The Successful Tip

The next time someone criticizes you about your blog, don’t react to the criticism. Take a slow, deep breath and see that these people are in pain. An injured dog may snap at you, but an injured human being who appears to be a critic does the same thing with their words.

You will save so much time and energy by following this simple tip. Devote that time and energy to creating blog posts and videos on topics from your niche. Or maybe you can delve into the topic of how to handle criticism.

Either way, you will become more compassionate through this practice. Compassionate, heartfelt folks are almost always the most successful bloggers in your niche.

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